A country’s destiny

He was known as “Mr Lebanon”. The self-made man turned Prime Minister, the leader with not just the vision, but with the energy and political skills to rebuild a country ravaged by a fifteen-year long civil war. Rafic Hariri was a one-of-a-kind politician who might even pull off what everyone believed to be impossible: to build a new prosperous nation in the heart of the Middle East.

But as the potent combination of ego, determination and principle drives many great political leaders, it can also lead to tragedy. It was that extraordinary potential that, for some, was a threat : on the February 14th in 2005, Hariri is brutally assassinated in a massive car bomb explosion that would impact the balance of the Middle East and thus of the entire world.

Lebanon could either have justice in the Hariri case, or stability; but not both”, argues Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, former Prime Minister of Lebanon. To the point that the quest to identify his killers rapidly becomes charged with vital purpose, and the involvement of the UN escalates the case from a national concern to one with an urgent global dimension.

Justice or stability? There is the dilemma driving this story. Bringing the audience into the heart of this investigation worthy of a Hollywood thriller, this film traces the destiny of a man who has left a mark far beyond Lebanon.



Directed by Dan CLIFTON

Executive producer Nick GREEN

Film – Documentary – IN PRODUCTION