Water Wars


The Water Wars – not named, not declared, but already raging for decades.
This series sets out the social, human and geopolitical stakes through the stories of
people who have grasped – or not – that this war will determine the future of
millions of people. Could this be the final conflict that will lead to one supreme
victor? The world chessboard will be totally rearranged, and humanity will in fact be
fatally damaged.
A character-driven dark thriller, between London and California, through a labyrinth
of financial conspiracies, driving us outwards to very different endgames – the frozen
wastes and burning sands of Antarctica and the Sahara, where the endgames of the
war plays out.
Most action takes place in London – the conflict with the main antagonist –
surrounding action in California.

Created by William Boyd (A Good Man in Africa, An Ice Cream War, Solo, Love is Blind …)

Directed by Charlotte Brändström (Wallander, Outlander, Conspiracy of Silence, the Witcher)