And your life will belong to me

A thriller loosely inspired by Balzac’s La Peau de Chagrin

“A breathtaking novel which holds you in its perilous grasp” (France Inter)”Totally addictive” (Telerama); “An instant hit, a bet that paid off” (RTL)

When her grandmother dies, 18-years-old Irina receives a strange inheritance : the key to a trunk which she is advised not to open. But Irina gives in to temptation and opens the trunk to find a pelt, a kind of talisman meant to exorcise all desire.

Without really buying into the tale, the young woman confronts this strange object. And her dreams are realised… sucking the life out of her with each wish, gently erasing her.

Because this pelt is one of the rarest and most sought-after objects in the world, Irina will have to escape from serious danger. Locked in a fatal countdown, Irina sacrifices her youth and the little time she has left to finally uncover where she came from and how it all came to this.

We pay homage to Balzac trough this trhiller, which revisits the timeless and universal theme of a pact with the devil.


Written by Clémence Dennebouy and Fred Garson

MINI SERIES 6×52’ – Thriller